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 GCARES  Greene County, Ohio
  Greene County Amateur Radio Emergency Service
     Prepared for emergency communication when needed.
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 Membership Information
GCARES has two operator categories: Active Status and Reserve Status.

Active Status:  Members who are committed to regular participation in meeting, training, drills and other on-going activities and who constitute the core group of prepared and ready-to-respond personnel.

Reserve Status:  Members who are willing to provide communication support in the event of a disaster or other emergency situation, but who prefer not to participate in meetings, training, drills and other activities on a regular basis.

GCARES is NOT a club.  GCARES does not collect  DUES!

You do not need to be a member of any of the Greene County Ham Clubs to be a member of GCARES, although many GCARES members are also members of one or more clubs.  
73,   Henry Ruminski,  W8HJR

  For more info contact the EC or any member.  A registration form is available at the Download Center.

 Last updated 4/7/16  
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