First Aid Kit

Most first aid kits that are readily purchasable do not seem to have much more than an assortment of band aids and maybe a cream and dressing. To ensure you will have what you need, purchase a tackle box and load it yourself with the selected items below. Mark the kit well with a red cross. This can be kept around the home, ready to grab at a moments notice. If you have young children or grandchildren, it will get a workout.


Ace wrap
Alcohol wipes
Antiseptic wipes
Band-Aids: 12 various sizes
First Aid tape
Dressings: eight 2" 2"
Dressings: eight 4" 4"
Eye dressings
Eye wash
First-aid book
Gauze rolls
Hydrogen peroxide
Instant cold pack
Magnifying glass
Polysporin ointment
Pressure dressings
Q-tips, Scissors
Splinter-removal kit,
Thermometer, and sterile covers
Triangular bandage
Disposable gloves