Your GCARES Binder
Recommended Contents
updated 12/24/03

Below is a list of Information / Procedures/ Forms that we recommend you place in a Sturdy Green colored binder. Ideally this should be ready to roll with your jump-kit at a moments notice. 

Below is the recommended list of forms and information paperwork that should be in your binder. Items in BOLD print can be downloaded from here in PDF format so you can print them
. There is also a link provided to download the Adobe PDF reader. 
Many of these will be referred to often during an event, so you may wish to place much of this information in clear sheet protectors.

  • GCARES Frequency Plan*
  • GCARES Operation Plan*
  • GCARES AEC contact information*
  • GCARES Log Sheets.*
  • GCARES Net control Script guidelines.*
  • NTS forms*
  • NTS Instructions*
  • EOC - Strategic Locations list.*
  • Street Map of Greene County
  • A notebook or blank loose leaf paper.
  • Pens / Pencils
  • a book light


*Supplied by GCARES


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